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The value of advice is more than just returns, tax and fee savings

June 23, 2020

The value of advice is more than just returns, tax and fee savings

We make many decisions in our day to day life. Some are small, like whether to finish the ice-cream or save some for tomorrow, I vote finish. Some are bigger, like whether to start a family, take out that first mortgage, or later in life, retire.

Whilst the decision about the ice-cream might come with some regret, and the need for more exercise, its unlikely, on its own, to have wide ranging impacts on the rest of your life.

The bigger decisions though, if we get those wrong, well they could have wide ranging impacts. So, understandably, people are often cautious, nervous and sometimes even scared about whether they are making the right decision.

This is where the advice or second opinion of a professional can help.

From a financial planning perspective, the value you get from a financial adviser if often measured based on returns, tax savings or fee savings.

Over the last 10 years, what I’ve come to notice is that whilst these things do provide value, often one of the most important roles we play is to give you peace of mind that you’re on track, help you better understand your choices and give you the confidence to pursue your many dreams.

Without advice, you will tend to be more cautious. This could mean you save for the home deposit a bit longer, at the cost of losing your dream home, or you might work a few years longer because your worried that you don’t have enough superannuation to retire.

We’ll help you understand your options, give you a clear picture of how your future may look, and a simple plan on how to achieve your financial freedom.



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