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Tips for making wise financial decisions!!

June 23, 2020

Tips for making wise financial decisions!!

Many people want to be more money wise and be smarter with their money. Knowing where to start can be the most difficult part. So we have provided some handy tips on how to make wise financial decisions!

Never Make an Impulsive Decision

It’s often easy to spend money on things that are tempting. whether that is something you see on Amazon or while doing window shopping. However if we can put off the buying decision for 24hrs, we will most likely realise if that buying thought was a need or just a want. Time gives us opportunity to analyse better.

Create a Budget and Spending Plan

Understanding your income and expenses is paramount in creating wealth. People who have good understanding of their cash flow make better financial decisions and are more likely to achieve their financial goals.

Don’t Follow Herd Mentality

It is easy to fall prey to the noise around us, specifically FOMO. This can lead us to make financial decisions that we may regret later. Hence it is important to analyse all the possible outcomes of our decision, both positive and negative and then make a decision.

Automate Your Whole Finance

Wise financial decisions is made simple when we have an automatic money management system put in place. This helps us to stick to our plans and avoid making any mistakes. Automation takes away the need for being self disciplined, rather than making wise financial decisions happen by default.

We’ve created an easy to read infographic below that you can save too to your device or to print off and put near your workspace, kitchen or somewhere you will see it every day! Check it out below!

For any assistance with personal financial planning or for retirement advice, call us on (03) 8782 3745 or book your discovery call today!

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Aurora Wealth Tips for making wise financial decisions


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